Posted in 2016, Update Post

It is a very hot day today (25 degrees celsius right now). I don’t realy want to do a whole lot today but considering that I have made a promise to myself to post two things each day and that I am going into another ten day period of everyday work I need to write a lot. I need to write two posts for at least the next week. If I get more than that than that’s even better. Yesterday and the day before I was working on my NaNo outline even more. I want to continue that today but I don’t know if I will get to that. I also want to paint a bit more. The problem with painting though is that I am better with a larger canvas and all the canvasses I have right now are either really small or very square or both. Square canvasses confuse me. I can’t fit enough on a small canvas.

I also tried to review Big Order today and I couldn’t think of things that I could right about it. I will try again later. For anime reviews I still have that, Bungo Stray Dogs, Joker Game, and Hundred. I have yet to finish Joker Game and Hundred so that is also on my list of things to get done.

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