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Pokemon GO! My thoughts

Pokemon GO was officially released in Canada a few days ago and I have played it a little bit already. I worked all those days so I didn’t have much time though I did end up going to three different pokestops one time each and I have caught a lot of pokemon already. I have two eggs now which I can do nothing with yet. I also caught a gastly in my very old house (it is about 50 years old).

I am only level four so I can’t take any gyms yet but when I reach level five I am going to join Team Mystic because I have been watching the two gyms near my house turn from red to yellow and back again. The Team Mystic presence in my town is very limited if it is there at all. Besides blue is one of my two favourite colours though I wasn’t going to pick this team before because I’ve heard that a lot of people choose it.

Apparently this game brings people together and I have read all the stories online about the good they have seen it do. I wish that I could witness stuff like this but I am too busy and my town is so small. I may have to wait to witness stuff like that until I go back to University. Also I am glad that it doesn’t use that much data that fast otherwise I wouldn’t find the game worth playing.

I have encountered a couple very minor issues though they are of no consequence. Sometimes I find it difficult to press on a pokemon I wish to catch and it takes a while for the game to acknowledge that I leveled up. But even with these minor issues I know that I will have fun playing it for real once I get the chance.

Now I  just have to wait for the Pokemon Sun and Moon information that is going to be released to day as well as its actual release in November.

Note: The Pokemon Sun and Moon stuff has already been released for today. I’m watching it now.


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