Posted in 2015, poetry

Zelda’s Lullaby

I welcome you hero

I knew you would come.

I have been keeping this for you,

It is a gift of power and courage

And I know that you will use it.

I entrust this into your possession

With the intention of protecting you

And the world you strive to defend from evil.

Now you must hurry on your way

As there is barely enough time

For us to talk together of what has happened.

Good bye, and I will see you when all is well.


I know that you will succeed hero

I have seen it in the stars and fire.

Darkness will never be allowed to reign for long.

I will sleep easy always knowing this,

And I hope that you do to.

My dreams drift away to distant lands

Where moons fall and spirits awaken.

I know that you have been in these places to.

Wield the power I have given you well

And I know that we need not worry.


Now go to sleep hero

I know you need it in the battle ahead.

And when you wake fight for me.

Your sword will defend you from harm,

And your spirit is that of the heroes of old.

There is no way you will lose

Remember that in your dreams.

Your dreams and hopes will become eternity

When the victory comes.


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