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The Lost Village anime review

The Lost Village was a very strange anime for me. At first I was very excited because in the very first episode a very large cast of characters was introduced. They merely said their names to introduce themselves. This took a few minutes and even then there were a few characters who would be introduced later on. It interested me to think about how they could manage with so many characters. I mean the few character names that I could remember were Mitsumune, Lion, Lovepon, Mai Mai, and Piitan.

The other characters I remembered not by their names but by their personalities and appearances which were different enough from the other characters that you could tell them apart. Some of these characters included the scary guy who wanted to control everything, the shorthaired female gun enthusiast, the male survival expert, Mitsumune’s friend, the crazy guy who accuses others of stealing his name, and Piitan’s fiancé. Also the blue haired guy with glasses who hangs out with Lovepon.

The plot started off as a form of horror mystery. Nanaki village was the destination of all the characters and they expected it to be filled with people hiding from society. Instead they found the village completely deserted though it did look like people had lived there up until recently. To make matters worse there was a monster.

After this introduction of the short series which had gotten me so excited to reach the end the show started getting strange. None of the characters were acting rationally. For instance in one of the early episodes Lovepon tries to kill Mitsumune but fails. After this everyone seems to act as though she is fully rational despite her literally using execution as the solution to all the problems.

The monster which is later discovered to be Nanaki I found interesting. Each of the characters was haunted by one of these and I enjoyed seeing what psychological scars each of the characters might have. They were surprising to say the least. The Nanaki manifested in forms that reflected their mental scars which meant that they were sometimes pretty generic objects. For instance Mitsumune’s was a penguin plushy and the scary guy who wanted to control everything had a Nanaki take the form of the swirls found in wood. Of course sometimes they did end up being terrifying to even the watcher. Lovepon’s Nanaki was an Oni face and the shorthaired female gun enthusiast had one that took the form of a bee. Bees terrify me.

Then the horror went away and the anime became a sort of love story with a supernatural backdrop. One of the main issues I have with this series is the fact that it never seems to know exactly what genre it is supposed to be. This is okay sometimes however here it makes it appear like someone thought of several very different ideas and kind of forced them into one plot. It doesn’t work that well especially with the vast cast.

The only other issue I had with it was the fact that the ending was so rushed. Everything was only resolved within about five minutes and even then some of the loose ends were ignored. I wanted to know more about what happened to the characters after the story ended or maybe have everyone go and conquer their Nanaki. Instead everyone simply split up into two groups. One group left the village without the watcher being told whether or not they had left their Nanaki behind. The other group stayed behind despite the fact that they had decided just minutes before that staying was not a good idea.

I would recommend this anime only to people who like brief endings that leave much to be desired. This was not one of my favourite animes from the season. In fact if I made a list this series would have been second last, only above Hundred which I liked even less. I wish that there had been at least another episode based around what happened after everyone split into those two groups. A lot must have happened. I hope that the writers don’t decide to make a sequel series unless they make a new cast of characters because the ones in The Lost Village only had about a few more episodes left in them.


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