Posted in 2016, poetry

Love Wins

When I was young I thought many things.

I thought that no one could truly hate,

that all anyone ever wanted

was to be heard and understood.

That a moment in deep thought could banish

any notion that we are different

and cause us to only see similarities.

When I was young I thought these things

but what I didn’t think was that

I could be wrong,

because as I grew I slowly came to learn

that the world is filled with terrible things.

People hate others because of

the beliefs they cling to

despite the hate they could easily lose.

People always find a reason to hate others.

Colour. Origin. Wealth or lack thereof. Religion.

All of these can fuel hate filled rants.

But I also learned that this

doesn’t need to be the case

because in the end it is not

hatred that prevails

but love that heals and warms

but most of all brings us closer together

and we can begin to see

how we are the same rather than

how we may differ.

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