Posted in 2016, Update Post


I don’t think I am going to do the schedule like I have planned it. I know it has only been about two weeks but I think that in the future if I fail to get a post out on its theme day it will only cause me more stress than I need.

So rather than using theme days I will post things when they are finished with the goal of making at least five posts for week. For things like my descriptions I will make the reveal post after a week and I may even get rid of the reveal all together. Together both posts will be counted as a single post.

Soon I will be reviewing the anime series that have recently finished. I am excited to write those posts. I will even rewatch the series before writing the review. I will only be doing this for shows that have finished so there won’t be any Re:Zero or anything. However I will review Big Order, Hundred, Kiznaiver, Joker Game, Twin Star Exorcists, The Lost Village, and Bungo Stray Dogs. Also the summer season has already begun and there are a lot of shows from this season so in September I will have a lot to review.

Now time to work on my writing, watch the US and Europe with jealousy because Canada doesn’t have Pokemon Go yet, maybe rethink my life, and plan out the posts I will be making this week.


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