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A Snippet of a Past Draft of One of my Projects

     “It was a clear night as Caeda walked home from the Institute. The stars shone down all around her, the trees bowed in the wind, and the leaves bumped into one another forming a sound similar to the ocean which she had gone to only once in her life. No one else walked around her. There were no voices, nothing to keep her company but her own thoughts and the gentle noises of such a still night.

For most this would have been a beautiful experience. They would stare up into the great expanse of the sky and wonder who else could be looking up. They would feel a slight feeling of connectedness before continuing on with their otherwise dull lives. They would listen to the sounds around them and imagine that they were standing next to a great expanse of water with birds screeching overhead and waves crashing up on shore. They would close their eyes and smile.

However when Caeda did the same she did not see the same stars that everyone else saw. Instead she saw shadows from a distant memory. It was something she remembered well even though it was such a long time ago. She was standing in a place not far from where she walked now. Her parents were with her, both smiling as she looked up in amazement at what lay far above her. She was just a child, having not even reached 5 years of age, and she asked them what all the lights were.

Her father answered her question. “Those are the stars. Each one is the soul of someone who has touched someone else whether they are alive or not. Everyone has a star.”

“Then where is my star Papa?” she asked curiously. “I want to know.”

“What!?” he was obviously shocked and she took a confused step back. “Oh sorry. You see, it is very difficult to pinpoint which star is yours. There are many, many stars in the sky, but don’t worry its up there.” he smiled and she smiled back.”

This is one of my earlier attempts at writing this story and one of the first that will directly influence my current project. I wrote this in September of last year and this story has evolved so much since then. I am planning on making an outline to help this project succeed and I will be hopefully writing the first complete draft of this novel during NaNoWriMo2016


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