Posted in 2016, Reveal Wednesday, Writing

  “A small creature with green skin and large, round eyes. It is smiling slightly as he stares into the distance. All four of it’s feet are touching the ground as it crouches as though it is about to leap. Each of it’s feet has three toes. It’s head is about as big as its body. There is a patch on it’s belly, chin, and cheeks which is a much lighter shade of green than the rest of it’s body. A small black top hat adorns it’s head between it’s large, bulbous eyes and a small black bow tie is wrapped around it’s neck. There is a hole in the top hat that is big enough to thread a string through it. On the back of it’s head is written in large black letters “8 GB” and under it’s feet on a flattened surface is a series of symbols. The creature’s head comes of at a small seam that is just below the bow tie. When it’s head comes off a piece of hardware is revealed.”

This is the first reveal of the first Description Monday. I described my cute frog USB stick. Frogs are one of my favourite animals and when I saw this in the store I couldn’t resist buying it. I have yet to use it but at least I know that when I need a USB stick to transfer a file or something I have the cutest USB for the job. It also has 8GB of space so that I can store a lot of files. I may put some of my writing on it as one of my backups.


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