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My Thoughts on the Season 6 Finale of Game of Thrones

When I watched the season finale late on Sunday I was excited to see what would happen. The episode before contained two very large epic battles. The first being between Daenerys and the First Son’s which essentially gave her the ships she needs to get to Westeros. The second battle was where Jon Snow gets Winterfell back from Ramsey Bolton. Both of these battles were big changing points in the plot line. Dany can now fulfill her one true goal of conquering Westeros, and Ramsey Bolton’s reign of terror has come to a close with his death caused by his dogs.

I was excited to see what would happen in the season finale mainly because the two plot lines continuing from last episode had such obvious futures. I knew that Dany would go to Westeros using her many ships to transport her army and dragons. I also knew that there was a high possibility of Jon Snow being crowned King of the North. I knew that the majority of the episode wouldn’t focus on these two plotlines because they were far too obvious and would have been far too predictable. This is why I liked what they did.

The beginning of the episode made me groan silently. In the books the places that made me bored were King’s Landing and wherever Sansa ended up being. When I saw that the episode began with the trial that has been alluded to all season I lost a lot of my excitement. I thought that Cersei and Margaery’s brother would both be punished and their plots would continue from there.However when it became clear what was happening it was like watching a train wreck in progress.

The way that Cersei burned wildfire beneath the Septim during the trial was a great shock. I didn’t think that even she would go to such lengths though it makes sense to me. By doing this she got rid of Margaery and the High Sparrow, both people that she had reason to hate. Also it got rid her impending trial and punishment. The second part of this was when Tommen saw the explosion. He knew that his wife, Margaery was in there and most likely dead. He commited suicide right there without saying a word which fulfilled part of Cersei’s prophecy. “Golden shall be their crowns, and golden shall be their shrouds.” The third part of this event is when Jaime comes back and sees what has happened. He sees that his last son is dead and that Cersei is crowning herself Queen. I think this final scene in the episode is alluding to Jaime killing his sister because he has killed one king already for planning what Cersei did.

Bran explored the past and the scene at the Tower of Joy was completed. This was what I was most excited for because when I saw the first part of this scene in the Last Time on GoT I knew that a major secret would be revealed and it was. Bran went upstairs in the Tower of Joy with Ned to discover Lyanna on a bed with blood covering her crotch area. She tells Ned to “take care of him because he will kill him if he knew.” That was just paraphrasing. Then Ned is handed a baby with a scrunched up face that looks sort of like Kit Harrington’s face. The scene then faded into a scene where Jon Snow is heading a council of the Lords of the North. The way the baby’s face fades into Jon’s face and the fact that Ned was going to take care of his sister’s child without revealing her son’s identity essentially proves to me at least that Jon Snow is in fact a Targaryan.

The other interesting part of this episode was when Arya killed Walder Fray. I was surprised because I was not expecting her to be in Westeros so soon and I definitely was not expecting her to be able to use those masks. All this proves to me is that she is now going down her kill list and that now no one is safe from her revenge. Cersei is in danger of dying from multiple hands since she is one of the last living names on Arya’s list.

I really enjoyed this episode and now I have to wait forever for next season. A few small things I noticed. First of all is is the prophecy of the Lord that was Promised. I personally think that Jon is the prince because be was reborn from the “tears” of Melisandre and the “smoke” of the loyalty the Night’s Watch has towards him. Also he is the one who had the Valyrian steel sword which can kill the white walkers. Though the sword is not known as lightbringer it may become known as that and the Valyrian steel sword is sort of a “sword of fire” I guess.

Also it looks like the Martells and the Tyrells are teaming up to attack King’s Landing which is cool I guess.

So it looks like next season will begin with all of the distinct plotlines converging into one in a massive war that is unlike the War of the Three Kings. It will have Dany’s army, Cersei’s army, Jon’s tiny army, and Dorne all coming at each other. Arya will go after the remaining names on her kill list. Littlefinger will work behind the scenes to make the war end with him on the Iron Throne and maybe even have Sansa become his wife. I don’t have any predictions for Bran. I think that next season will end with the Army of Night arriving in the south and Jon uniting all the armies to combat the white walkers. That is just my prediction and I may be wrong. It’s hard to know whats going to happen when the show is ahead of the books. I can’t wait for the next book to come out.




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