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My Plan for My Blog

One of the problems I have been having with this blog is that I don’t know what to post on it. I don’t have enough tiny pieces of writing to post everyday. I get ideas then wait until my inspiration for these ideas has run out before I incorporate them into a post. I have been neglecting my blog since I created it a little under a year ago. All of this time I just needed a schedule type system so that it would be easy for me.

Today at work I came up with such a system. It is a schedule where I post one thing to my blog each day. Each day of the week is themed so that I don’t have too much of one thing on my blog. It just so happens that I have exactly seven different types of posts that I make regularly. If a post doesn’t fit any of the themes I can post it whenever which means that there may be days where I post more then one item to my blog. The themes are as follows:

  • Self Sunday – On Sundays I will write about myself. I will either tell a story about something that happened the week before or I will answer questions that have been posted to my account or questions that have been posted in the comments of any of my posts. I will make sure that it is as interesting as possible though I ca’t make any promises.
  • Description Monday – On Mondays I will try my best to describe an object. The thing is is that I won’t put the name of the object in the description or even anywhere’s in the post. This is to help me improve my writing, but I think that it would be fun to have everyone who reads my description posts to guess what I am describing. Everything will be revealed the next week.
  • Rumination Tuesday – On Tuesdays I will write a random thought that I’ve had or overthink something or something like that. If you can find the post I did on Frozen and depression on this blog I am hoping that I write a lot of posts like that on this day. This is based off of half of the original idea I had for this blog.
  • Reveal Wednesday – On Wednesdays I will reveal what I was describing on Description Monday the week before. This means that I will not reveal what was described until a little over a week has passed since the description was first posted. This will allow you to have more time to guess what was described.
  • Writing Thursday – On Thursdays I will post a little piece of writing on my blog. This could be a poem, a monologue, or even a snippet of a dead project. This is based off of the other half of the original idea I had for this blog.
  • Review Fridays – On Fridays I will post a review. This review can be for anything (i.e. video games, books, anime, movies, TV shows, gaming marathons etc). This is so that I can get better at this form of writing. I will be focusing on story but if non-story elements get in the way of the story I will be commenting on that.
  • Art Saturdays – On Saturdays I will write a post about all of the artsy things I have done all week. This could involve painting, drawing, and photography. These posts will involve a lot of pictures to show what my art looks like.

This is my idea. I am thinking of starting next week though I am gone next week which means that all the posts will be scheduled and I won’t get any feedback on those posts until I get back that Tuesday. I will also be starting Description Mondays a week early (as in tomorrow) so that I will be able to write my first Reveal Wednesday post for next week.

These day names are a work in progress and I will need to plan out the formatting for these posts. This is why I’m waiting a week before starting. If you have any ideas as to how to make this plan better feel free to message me. Also I want to do more fun things like Description Monday which will run on other days of the week. If you can think of anything like that also feel free to message me.



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