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Alice Through the Looking Glass (Not a Review)

So I watched Alice Through the Looking Glass and I was going to write a review on it but I have decided not to mainly because I only had a single superficial problem with it and I felt that I was too biased. So instead I will just write a few of my thoughts on the movie. This post contains spoilers.

I loved Time as a character. I found him funny and he added something special to all the scenes he was present in. I loved how he saw everyone else as beneath him because honestly that is how a personification of an entire dimension should be. I loved the clockwork aesthetic of both him, his minions, and of the entire castle. Also I loved how he also controlled death by removing the pocket watches from the living and placing them with the dead.

The thing I loved most about him was that he wasn’t really the antagonist. Everything he did was to protect time itself from the selfishness of the other characters. The Red Queen was also not the antagonist. I feel that the antagonist was a character but rather the perceptions that the characters other than Time had of time.

Alice saw Time as a thief so she stole from him after he told her that she couldn’t take his possession. The Red Queen saw time as something to be controlled so she treats Time in the same way that she treats anyone else because she that is how she sees everyone. The White Queen saw Time as something that can be changed to save the Hatter, but she also saw it as something that once it pasts it is h=gone forever.

By the end of the movie I like how all the smaller story lines are resolved. The Mad Hatter found his family. The conflict between the Red and White Queen’s was resolved. Alice realized her mistake and Time forgives her. She gives him her Father’s pocket watch and returns to her own world. She also doesn’t lose her ship or her house and she teams up with her mother to make their own way in the world.

My only problem with it is that close to the middle of the movie there was a scene where she was locked in a mental hospital and had to escape. It may just be that this went over my head, but this was never explained at the end of the movie. None of the characters even acknowledged that this even happened. Maybe if I read the book I will understand better.


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