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I watched all available episodes of Big Order last night while I wait for the rest of the anime that I’m watching to be released for non premium users of Crunchy Roll. I was avoiding it simply because I wasn’t that interested in it. I didn’t really know what it was about. To me it looked like a show that was similar to Asterix War and Hundred where teenagers with special powers fight for different reasons. When I watched it lats night I was proved wrong. It looks more like One Piece with less eccentricity where people are given special powers unique to them. Eiji is a good protagonist because rather than having all the characters throwing themselves at his feet out of love everyone but a few people hate him. They hate him so much that he has to save them from a nuclear missile in order for them to see that he isn’t their enemy and to get them to help him stop a second one. He is trying to conquer the world to bring peace just like Light from Death Note, but rather than killing all of the criminals or people who get in his way he instead tries to protect them. He doesn’t want anyone to die.

I will keep watching this series as more episodes are released. I certainly want to learn what the orders of some of the other characters are. One of the things I love about it so far is that it is consistent. Eiji is slowly learning how to effectively use his powers rather then him suddenly realizing that he knew how from the beginning. In the first episode he didn’t even know what his order was. He thought that it was world destruction. I am excited to see where this goes. I may even review it when it is over.


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