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The Power of Symbols in a Story

I have been having a hard time trying to think up ideas for blog posts. This has made it so that the majority of my posts seem to be update posts. Anyways I have been thinking about the title of this blog “Ruminated Scrawlings” and the original vision I had for this blog when I came up with that name. Essentially I named my blog Well Thought Out Readings which means that I could literally write about anything I want. This also means that I may have more long well-written posts in the future.

Anyways yesterday I was watching Mockingjay Part 2 and I was thinking about the power such a small symbol gained throughout the three books/four movies. In the first book Katniss is given the pin by Madge when she is going to the Hunger Games. She wears it during the games and it becomes a symbol for the subtle hints of rebellion as Katniss salutes after Rue’s death in the movie and when she threatens to eat the berries with Peeta if they don’t both win the games.

In the second book the rebellion is simply catching fire and rebels are already beginning to call Katniss the Mockingjay. This becomes more apparent in Mockingjay because in this book/ these movies the rebellion is going full force. It is enough to get the districts to work together to overthrow the capitol. She brings moral to the rebels and becomes a fearsome enemy for Snow despite her being kept in the back most of the time.

What I find interesting about the mockingjay as a symbol is how far it has spread throughout the novels and the movies. In the first movie it causes an entire district to rebel. In the second it causes Snow to destroy district 12 out of fear of what the symbol can do. In the third the mockingjay takes a form similar to a phoenix where it rises out of the ashes of districts 12 and 13 to fight. It does this a second time when Snow and Caesar falsely announce Katniss’s death. She becomes a martyr and still the symbol rises to make sure that tyranny is replaced by simply more tyranny.

When Katniss and the others are advancing through the city I noticed the symbol spray painted on a white pillar. The thing is is that the symbol is painted on the wrong side of the pillar to have been painted by one of the advancing rebels. This means that it has even inspired some people in the Capitol. The power of this symbol is amazing.



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