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I have another job interview on Monday, and for the rest of the summer I am planning on completing one short story per week so that I can get a sort of buffer built up so that I can then begin to submit to journals.

I have also watched a few of the season finales of this year. The Flash finale was well done in the fact that it successfully built the story up to a new arc for next season all while defeating the main villain of this season, Zoom. I am excited because it looks like the next season will follow the flashpoint arc from the comics. I haven’t read the comics or watched the animated movie that was made from it but the premise of this arc makes me so excited. It must be something about time travelers messing up the past in turn messing up the future. Things are going to be different from now on. Also this episode confirmed my second theory of the season. The first was that Zoom was Jay and that was proven. My second theory was that the guy in the mask was also Jay which is true because Hunter Zoloman apparantly stole Jay Garrick’s name when he pretended to be Earth-2 flash.

Legends of Tomorrow ended with Vandal Savage being defeated by the team which is how a season should end. It also introduced the Justice Society which is apparently a big thing in the history of DC. I have been trying to read comics but I just never started. Maybe I will soon so that I can learn about all of these interesting characters. Also this means that there will be more people with cool superpowers which will potentially enhance the already amazing fight scenes.

Arrow ended the same way, with Damien Darhk being defeated. Bones is still going and will be for at least another month because of that long hiatus. However in Bones a new murderer has been revealed who will show up at least two more times in the season. What always got me excited about Bones was the forensics, but also the serial killers that the Jeffersonian is trying to find while they solve the smaller crimes. Gormogan took away my favourite character in a surprising twist. The Gravedigger took a while to be caught but once she was she was killed which led to the sniper that killed my new favourite character. Bones has a habit of killing/removing off characters in shocking ways, but these characters also always happen to be my favourites. But anyways so far it seems that Zack is coming back for the final season. I am glad that the show is ending next season not because I hate it but because I felt that the story was starting to get tired.

I am going to end this post here because if I don’t I will start rambling about all the other fantastic shows I have been watching. I hope to watch the Supernatural season finale soon, but that is going to be difficult because the new episodes are always hard to come by in Canada. I am thinking about trying to review shows again. One of my problems when I was doing it before was that I was never watching them live so I was always behind all the other reviewers. Also the anime’s I reviewed confused me in terms of names because different translations have different spellings. Maybe I will only review anime in terms of the whole series, but other shows I will do reviews for every episode.


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