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I haven’t written in over a week. First I was simply taking a break after I got writers block for one of my smaller projects. Then as soon as I got out of it and got inspired to work more on my world building I got sick. Now I have some rules regarding when I write. I will not write if I am too exhausted, hungry, thirsty, or anything else that will distract me from writing. I have written some pretty strange things when I broke these rules though I guess I should make them a bit more flexible since these things don’t always distract me.

Anyways I am able to write now. I will start by finishing the first draft of that story I started almost two weeks ago. It’s going to be disjointed because of how long I waited to finish it. Right after that I will write the second draft which I will try to write in one sitting.

I’ve also been doing a little bit of research into major historical events. I think it would be interesting to write a story based roughly on the reformation and the peasants revolt that happened soon after. I want to make the history of Ingrew to be different from Earth’s history while still being similar. Ingrew at the moment is only a single continent. There will be others. It seems to be based off of Norse folklore.


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