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It is finally spring. I like this time of year because of the slight coolness in the air that is still left from winter which is the perfect temperature for walks through the woods, and the fact that all the plants and animals that disappeared at the end of fall and beginning of winter are returning in all of their former glory. I don’t like the bright sun which forces me to wear sunglasses at all times when outside, but I don’t like that at any time of the year.

Soon I will be done exams and all of my assignments meaning that I will finally be able to return home. This week is holy week meaning that it ends in a 4 day weekend with Easter which will be a much needed break. Plus a major storm system is supposed to be coming up from Colorado to Southern and Northeastern Ontario which to most people may not seem like a good thing. However for me I can finally get some work done with cleaning my room and working on some of my projects. I also get more time to relax this weekend since I have one assignment which is due next Friday which isn’t much because if I work on it a little everyday I can easily get it done by the due date. It’s the other assignment that I need to write that is making me more stressed. It’s due on Wednesday but I have total faith in myself that I can finish it on time.

I have never actually written a post like this before. I don’t know why. Maybe its the fact that I get socially anxious every time I post something. But to be honest by writing this I have destressed myself enough that I can go to sleep shortly. Too many things have been going on. I haven’t been able to go grocery shopping for two weeks because of reasons which isn’t really an issue because I have other sources of food which I need to finish up by the end of the semester. I have my assignments of course. And there are a few things that I can’t stop worrying about.

It is because of these things that I am deciding to take a rest day either on Friday, Saturday, or Monday. Maybe I’ll even save all of the shows from this week for my rest day so that I can watch right through all of them. I may even go out and get a few things on Wednesday afternoon which seems to be the next time where I am free enough to do things. I can sleep in on my rest day and play games like Pokemon and just have fun relaxing in my room. I am so excited!


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