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Which Super Power?

“If you could have one superpower what would it be?”

     This is a question that is asked a lot just to see what people say. Some will say that they would like to be able to fly. Others will say that they want to be able to transform into whichever animal they desire. A couple will say that they want to be invisible to hide from the world which they feel desires to do them harm, or the ability to lift anything above their head so that they can finally be seen as strong.

     For me the answer is not quite so simple.

    First of all I would not want to be too powerful. In the Man of Steel, Superman literally destroys Metropolis just so he could defeat Zod. In the Dragonball universe Goku gets so powerful that the villains (who must be just a little bit stronger) are so powerful that they can destroy entire planets with just a single flick of the finger. This actually happens a few times forcing Goku to use the dragon balls to restore Earth to the way it was.

     I find that when the superhero gets so powerful that the only enemies that come close to defeating them are characters with literal god-like powers the entire world ends up suffering. Who would want to live on a planet that gets blown up every week? Where everyone awaits the next destructive event that could happen at any second? Certainly not me, and I would also not want to be the superhero that is this powerful.

     Another thing is that I want my power to be able to help people. I know that this is what the majority of superheroes do in movies and comics. They save lives, but I want to be able to do more because every time there a life is saved it is also brought out of the path of destruction. I want to be able to prevent that destructive power from ever being created.

     But a power that can prevent this, such as super intelligence, can be misused. Absolute power corrupts and you see this in characters such as Sylar from Heroes who is able to understand how anything can work who also ends up killing a lot of Heroes to steal their powers which only adds to his power. In comics or film a character with this much power is usually given a tragic past that they want to move past the fact that they can literally do anything they want. Or that tragic past justifies their actions such as the cases of Kilgrave, Deathstroke, even Lex Luther in the comics.

     I guess in the end I don’t really want any super powers. You don’t need special abilities to help people anyway. You can give people food, clothing, money if they need it. You can heal them by simply saying a few ordinary words such as “good morning”. Out of all the super powers that I could choose from I would choose none of them because no power seems to be better than a power.

     Batman and the Green Arrow don’t have powers but they inspire the cities that they fight for even if some of their actions are questionable. They don’t need powers to fight crime. Sure they have money (at least Green Arrow used to have money on the TV show) but they use it to help people in the shadows where pride and greed for attention do not affect them. as much.

     Besides I have the power of the written word. If I wanted to I can inspire people by writing a story or something. Writing can influence people, it can heal people, it can affect them in ways that they didn’t think possible. When people read they learn almost as much about the world as they would if they traveled it. I guess that is all I need.

     But if I could have a power with no consequences to who I am I would be a shapeshifter because a shapeshifter can literally have any power they want. They can fly, be super strong, swim fast, run fast, become so small that they are invisible, and much much more.


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