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The Flash: Zoom

I have been watching The Flash TV series and I love it so far. I got all caught up in about October and have been theorizing about a few plot points in the series. I don’t normally do this because I don’t see the point, but the mysteries of this season interest me. I have watched a few theory videos and have done a little research based on what happened in the comics (since I have yet to delve into the world of comics myself, though I will someday) but I didn’t go out of my way to make a theory and share it with the world.

I had a theory that I was waiting to see if it was proved or not. This theory relates to the identity of Zoom which has been the major mystery of the season up to this point. The episode that aired last night revealed his identity. He is Jay Garrick. At the end of the episode it was revealed when Zoom removed his hood after tossing his own lifeless body onto the floor.

I had thought it was going to be Jay ever since the episode where Hunter Zoloman was revealed. I found out that Hunter Zoloman is Zoom in the comics. I thought that they wouldn’t have pointed him out like that if he didn’t mean anything to the plot. Hunter Zoloman is Jay’s doppelganger from Earth-1 and has been ignored in the episodes since. If Hunter wasn’t going to have a part in either this plot-line or a future one than why did he even get revealed?

Another thing that I noticed was the fact that Jay and Zoom were never seen in the same room together. There was Jay’s flashback on how he got to Earth-1 in the first place where Zoom and Jay were seen together but that was given to Barry from Jay. It was possible that what happened in the flashback never happened or at least not in that particular way.

I know that I should have talked about this theory sooner but I guess I am one of those people who notices something like this and simply wants to see how it plays out. I still get happy when I find that my theories were correct all along, but I don’t normally discuss them with anyone else.

Anyways the next great mystery to be revealed on The Flash is who the man in the mask is in Zoom’s lair. I am going to say that he is Jay as well. I have reasons but since this is the same theory that most of the community seems to have I will not reveal my reasons. The details I am using to prove my theory seem to be similar to what everyone else seems to be using, and unlike the Zoom theory none of them appear to be turned down.


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