Posted in 2016, Monologue, Writing

Untitled Monologue

“You have told me that I should follow every word that you say, that the only truth is found in conversations with you. I need to tell you that I disagree. When I look at these creatures, I don’t see monsters or abominations. I see people like you and me. Why can’t you see that? Are you too consumed by your belief that they aren’t human to realize that you are acting against your own beliefs? Do you realize that you through all the love you say you have for others away when you act through such deep hatred? I just wanted you to know that I will not stand by and watch you perform such evil acts. I will fight against you. I, once your most powerful ally, can no longer even bear to see that cruel look on your face. You will go down, and when you do I will be sure to wipe that smirk off your face. You are the enemy and you will pay for all you have done.”


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