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Ingrew – Then and Now

I have been creating this world steadily for several years ago now. I started when I was in Grade 6. I am in my first year of University now. I find it amazing how much a single world changed since then. I’m not even using the same characters as I was back then. The original main character of my original story doesn’t even exist anymore.

This was back when I was calling my novel “Morpher”. It was about a young boy named Zach who finds out that he is one of the Morphers and because of this he was hunted. He ended up going to another world which I called Ingrew. It was a land populated by many trees and creatures such as elves and pixies. I don’t remember why I scrapped this idea, or when. However I am glad that I did because it wasn’t the type of story I wanted to write. The world was too magical at this point. I didn’t like it after a while and just gave up.

I continued with Ingrew and made it so that it was inhabited by slightly fewer magical creatures. There were dragons, elves, and a few other magical beings. The world wasn’t as magical as the last iteration, but it was still pretty magical. I guess this is why I changed it again. This is the version where I created Ecla. I came up with her name by jumbling up letters and finding some that sounded right. Ecla was a human who had the ability to change into a dragon. She was raised by an elf whom I forgot the name of and Ecla came from a tribe known as the Eclan or the shapeshifters of the north. She is also my longest surviving character by far.

The next version I mapped Ingrew out. I separated it into provinces and placed a different fantasy race in each one. I had elves, humans, angels, fish people, swamp people and more. The main character was still Ecla but now I gave her family that was actually related to her. She had her twin brother Ecli, and her father Leok. I can’t give away any other details of her character because they are spoilers for a story that I want to write based on her.

The next thing I did was get rid of most of these fantasy races. I kept the elves, humans, and angels and added a new race which I called the Gloricans. These are the people from Gloric who are human-like but with yellow eyes, very light fur, and immense strength. I made them like vikings. They would come up to Ingrew in their ships and invade regularly.

Ingrew is still changing. The version that I am writing in might not even be the last. The character I am writing right now isn’t even Ecla, but I will still keep her as a character. She will show up in a story of her own someday.


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