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Erased – Episode 3 – Birthmark

So far the series has been going strong. There are a lot of characters that watchers of the show can either relate to or understand how they feel. The concept of the show is simple but awesome. Everyone has a moment that if they could travel back in time they would go back and change the past so that their mistakes never happened. Satoru gets this chance when his Revival power. Before he felt guilt for not being able to save Kayo. It was possible for him to save her but he didn’t. Now he gets a second chance to save someone who never got to live their life to the fullest.

The episode begins with Satoru racing against one of his classmates while ice skating. He thinks about whether or not it would be right for him to win. At the last second he decides and holds himself back so that he loses. His classmate who is a hockey player got very angry at him because it was obvious that Satoru lost on purpose. At this point Satoru realizes that he made the same mistake the first time he went through that moment. I think the whole point of this scene was to point out that Satoru might not actually be changing anything. He has a memory that is faulty at times plus he has hidden the memories of this year at school in the back of his mind. However it is also clear that he is changing some things because of a few things that happen later on in the episode.

He found out that Kayo’s birthday was the same as his own. He wanted this information because it could help him figure out when Kayo was kidnapped. Using his memory of his present he was able to find out that she disappeared between the 1st of March and her birthday. This is big because we find out that he may not have as much time to save her as he originally thought he did.

He got to hang out with Yuuki who told him that he had matured. This essentially means that Yuuki sees something different to Satoru who is a 29 year old in the body of an 11 year old at this point. It was interesting to see this scene play out because Yuuki was the one who was blamed for the kidnapping and murder of Kayo. Satoru knows it wasn’t him which is why he isn’t staying as far away from him as possible. Satoru remembered the interview he had with the police about Yuuki back when these events first took place. They asked him questions and each one he denied. He connected what he saw in Yuuki’s room, such as the porn, to the interview.

After this he went to Kayo’s house and finds her mittens and backpack strewn on top of the snow. Satoru finds her in the shed. She was beaten up badly. Her mom comes and brings her into the house and sends Satoru away. The worst part of this scene is when Satoru asks what happened to her she tells him that she simply fell. Afterwards Kayo’s mother dunks her in ice water to get rid of the bruises. This gives what is happening to Kayo more significance because we have seen what her mother is doing to her. Satoru talks to the teacher about this and he tells Satoru that he has known for a while but hasn’t been able to take action because he didn’t have any proof and it would take time to get children’s services involved. This made me think that maybe the teacher wasn’t as suspicious as I had originally thought because he actually cared for Kayo and didn’t seem like he would kill her.

Satoru brings Kayo into the woods to see a Christmas tree. Along the way they come across two foxes who run around them several times before running away. Satoru remembers how the first time he was alone when this happened which means that he actually is changing things in the past. The tree was beautiful and Satoru told Kayo that he would take her to see it again in the summer. This is being hopeful because in the original past she didn’t live to see that summer.

The episode ended with a suspicious image of the teacher talking to Hiromi who is one of Satoru’s classmates. They are alone in the classroom and Hiromi is smiling creepily. This scene makes the teacher even more of a suspect than he was before the episode, but also adds Hiromi to the ever growing list of suspects. Kayo’s mother is at the bottom, and the teacher and Hiromi are tied for most likely suspect at the top.

This episode revealed a lot about the characters and what happened back when these events first happened. There were some heartbreaking moments where I had to hold my breath. Seeing Kayo right after her mother beat her was depressing but made what was happening to her more real.  Satoru also finds out that he can actually change the past after such a long time. I hope that Satoru succeeds. I don’t know what will happen in the next episode, but I know that it will reveal even more information.



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