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Erased – Episodes 1 and 2

This is an anime that I literally just got into. Three episodes have already aired including the two that I will be reviewing in this post. The third one I will have to review later because I do not have access to it yet. Even though I have watched only two episodes I am hooked. The characters are interesting. The concept is incredible. I love it and I hope that it will stay this way until the end.

Erased is about a 29 year old manga artist who isn’t doing the greatest who is named Satoru. This is evidenced by the way he is told to dig deeper in his work at the beginning of the first episode. He has a power which he calls revival which sends him back in time between 1 and 5 minutes so that ha can change something that is about to happen. Because of this he has managed to prevent many catastrophes.

When his mother is introduced I can see how much he dislikes her. He tries to get her to leave his apartment and calls her youkai. She mentions something that happened to Satoru when he was 11 and it is easy to tell that this event will be the basis of the series. In the first episode all we can see of the girl who goes missing are his vague flashbacks about what happened. She pieces things together and realizes that the man who was sentenced for the abduction and murder of the girl may not have actually had anything to do with the crime.

At first I thought that she would call Satoru and tell him everything. I thought that the plot would continue on from there towards the inciting force. It surprised me when the man walked up behind her and stabbed her. He clearly had something to do with that crime. When Satoru comes home he is blamed for the murder of his mother which is honestly the only thing that has annoyed me about this anime so far. He is blamed because he has her blood on his hands, but he was her son. Of course he is going to touch the body in panic when he discovers what has happened. I guess that detail would have come up in the trial had there been a trial. It’s not that big of a deal.

The trial never occurred because he was sent back in time by revival to stop this all from happening. He is sent back 18 years to the time before the girl disappears and dies. Her name was Kayo and she was a little bit strange. Before the second episode she was only characterized by standing in the park alone at night. The first thing I thought about this detail was that she was the most likely kid to get kidnapped. That was probably why it happened to her and not anyone else.

The second episode was as good, if not greater than the first. In this episode Satoru realizes how many things he did not notice when he went through these days the first time. The bruise on Kayo’s leg and the essay she wrote for instance. Both of these hint at something greater happening to her even before what happens ends up happening. Satoru also realizes that he was sent back this far in order to stop his mother from being murdered and because of that he must do everything differently.

I like how the characters acted in this episode. Satoru acts like any 29 year old would when trapped in the body of an 11 year old. He doesn’t know completely what’s going on so he does some strange things. His friends are excited because they thing that he is in love with Kayo. His mother is concerned for her son when he begins to act strangely. Kayo acts in a way that demonstrates just who she is. I want Kayo to survive and to leave behind the life that she has lived this far. No one should have to go through anything like that.

I want to try to figure out who actually killed Kayo. I don’t think it would have been her mother because then Satoru’s mother wouldn’t have been killed. It could have been Satoru’s mother if she was a good actress. The person who killed her could have been avenging Kayo. This possibility seems unlikely though. The most likely culprits at this stage are the guy that Satoru and his mother saw in the parking lot. This guy also killed Satoru’s mother. This is the most likely case because we don’t know who this guy is. He knew Satoru’s mother, otherwise he wouldn’t have bothered following her and eventually killing her. If it’s not him then it has to be the teacher in the second episode. He looked pretty suspicious to me. Maybe they are the same person.

I think that in the next episodes Satoru is going to get closer to Kayo than he already has. He is the only one who knows what is going to happen to her and so he is trying to stop it at any cost. The anime so far has went through a few twists and turns already, however I feel that the episodes so far have barely scratched the surface as to what has happened. I feel like this anime is going to be similar to Charlotte in terms of the emotions it will stir, as well as the mysteries surrounding revival and what is going to happen to Kayo. I can’t wait for the next episode to be available for everyone on Crunchy Roll.



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