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Story Review: Charlotte (Anime)

This is a thing that I am going to start doing. I will review stories in whatever medium they are presented as I finish them. I will only be reviewing the story because each medium has different aspects that I could in theory review separately. (Also I am not very good at reviewing things based on camera shots or animation) Today I will be reviewing the anime Charlotte which I have finished watching.

There are light spoilers ahead so be warned.

Charlotte in the beginning appears to tell a lighthearted story about a group of kids who band together because they have developed strange and unusual powers. In each of the first episode Yu, Nao, and others hunt down and rescue other kids with powers by telling them to either stop using them altogether or to join them at Hoshinoumi Acadamy where all of the students either have powers or are going to develop them one day. There are even moments that can make you laugh such as Jojiro’s “teleport” power which essentially sends him flying or all of those times that Ayumi makes food for Yu containing the Otasaka secret ingredient, pizza sauce.

Very early on it is discovered that this series is not as lighthearted as it once was, and is instead a story of ever deepening loss. It begins when Yu’s sister, Ayumi, develops the power of collapse which causes everything around the user to collapse, and she dies. There is an episode after this where Yu sinks into a deep depression because of his loss. He is saved, and ends up going back in time to save his sister, but the wounds are still there. Then it is discovered that Nao’s brother has gone insane from being experimented on. The rest of the series is made up of losses and slow recoveries. The final episode is a culmination of these losses as Yu ends up saving everyone who has powers from a greater fate, but ends up paying a price. The final price shows how little he has recovered from taking the price.

Charlotte was a great story filled with loss and heartbreak until the end, but also didn’t fail to add a bit of humour to lighten the mood. The ending, though it could have been done better, was a fantastic way to end the entire series. This anime ran for a total of 13 episodes, each being less than 24 minutes long. Because of this it can be easy to bingewatch. I enjoyed this series and I hope others do to.


4 thoughts on “Story Review: Charlotte (Anime)

  1. Hey welcome to blogging : D, well I thought Charlotte was a disappointment. Ending was rushed, and the characters didn’t get much attention as they should have. If you’ve liked Charlotte, then try out other anime like; clannad, angel beats, air, little busters. All done by the same studio and written by the same guy Jun Maeda.


      1. For the screen shots, use an external hosting site like; imgur, flickr, photobucket – they offer a lot of space for free. avoid using wordpress poultry image hosting.


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