Posted in 2014, poetry, Ruminated Scrawling

Just a Dream

As I gazed up, deep into

The night sky full of stars,

Planets, clouds, and centered

By the moon in all its luster,

I see beauty. I see innocence,

An innocence of something

New, yet the wisdom of

A great, ancient being.

I see greatness in the

Vastness of the cosmos,

And frailty in how easy

It can one day all be gone.

I see everything, yet

I see nothing at all.

I see something that I

Have never seen before,

Yet I recognize it.

It is what has always been there,

Yet I have never before been

Graced by this sight.

And yet I realize that I see

Nothing but the stars, clouds,

And the moon. And I wonder if

What I had seen had been

But a simple dream.


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