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Update Post

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling so well so I am writing yesterday’s post today instead. I started a painting, a simple scene of a sunset. I only did part of the sky so far which isn’t hard since the canvas I am using is so small. I will not be posting any pictures until it is complete because I feel that if I post pictures before that then I may be scared away from finishing it or I might ditch it and restart.

I was playing with the camera on my phone earlier today and I have discovered how good and professional it is. My earlier intentions were to get a brand new camera since I enjoy taking pictures so much, but the camera on my phone is good enough for me. I also feel like the camera on my phone is way better than my actual camera at the moment which means that you may be seeing a lot more pictures posted here in the future.

I wrote a few poems quickly on my phone. Eventually I will go through these and rewrite them on my laptop. Along with this I will be writing short stories and working on my major projects. Over the past few days I have had a lot of inspiration to write and do other stuff. I will write a lot on Sunday which is my off day from work.

Oh yeah, and I finished The Thousand Names. All in all I enjoyed it though I found a few characters to be very annoying. Wexler wrote amazing realistic battle scenes. If I could witness a battle in the Napoleonic war this is what I would expect to see. The downside of this book is that the character flaws of some characters were too large and over powering while the good things were not even there. This is one of the issues I had with this book. I hope that I will be able to read the sequel some time in the future.

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