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The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt Book Review

I finished the Goldfinch this morning and have decided that I would at least write something. I also decided that on days that I write posts about books that it wouldn’t be the only post that day. So the Goldfinch is a novel that I have been reading for a few weeks now, only finishing it today. I really enjoyed it for a few different reasons.

The beginning was hard for me to get through because it made me cry. Every few paragraphs I had to stop reading to reflect on the words for a moment or to blink away tears. Few books have made me cry. Fewer yet books have made me cry at the very beginning. I think it may have been because Donna Tartt did such a good job of developing the characters. Anyways in the beginning the main character Theo’s life changed in literally an instant. He met the girl of his dreams, his mother died, and he gained possession of the painting that the book is named after.

The painting that he took, The Goldfinch, is a small painting with a goldfinch as the subject. It is chained down by a small chain connected to its leg. This is an excellent metaphor for Theo’s life after the events at the beginning and even for the very end. This is an excellent use of metaphors and one of the reasons why I loved reading the book and then thinking about it afterwards.

The book I am reading now is The Thousand names and I am already enjoying it. It isn’t literary like the Goldfinch was and it isn’t as long. I don’t even think it is that well known so I know I will have fun writing the review whenever I get it finished.


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