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Choosing Books

Yesterday I went shopping. My aim was to buy clothes and a new phone which would be used during University, but I came home with only a few shirts, some short leggings, and a couple of books. When I was in the chapters at the mall I went straight to the fantasy section because that is what I write and enjoy reading the most. I wanted to find some books to read, but I was hit with a problem. I didn’t know which books to get.

In total I went into that store twice to pick books. In the end I picked The Thousand Names by Diango Wexler and The Skystone by Jack Whyte. I really wanted to get the hardcover version of the Hobbit because it appeared to be a collectors edition and I am trying to build up my collection. I also really wanted Tolkien’s translation of Beowulf because I can’t seem to find that poem anywhere. I didn’t know if I should pick books with my collection in mind, if I should pick books that continued a series that I was reading, or if I should pick a book simply because I thought it sounded interesting. If anyone is wondering I went with the final choice.

I am working on finishing the Goldfinch for tomorrow so that I can write something about it here on Sunday. I have been so tired lately and I have been working everyday or going on a long shopping spree in the city. I only have about 170 pages left to read of it and I hope that they are exciting or else I will have a terrible time reading them tomorrow most likely before work.


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