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Busy Fishy Weekend

This past weekend was busy. The museum that I work had saw more visitors in the past few days alone than I feel it had for a long time. I greeted most of the people as they came in, gave a couple of simple tours, and made them all sign the guestbook. After it was all done I was exhausted. Me being an introvert, I don’t deal well when there are many people who I have to interact with almost all at once. I was glad when it was over, and glad that today I was off of work.

I haven’t been writing much lately though I feel I probably should. I write poems sometimes and this weekend I came up with a few poems that I should write. I of course never sat down to write them and instead did activities such as watching YouTube and surfing the internet that require a smaller portion of my brain to do. I have also been playing some Minecraft and building a castle.

One thing I decided was to complete one book a week. The book I am trying to complete for this week is The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. This is a book that I had been meaning to reading for a while now, and has been sitting in a pile along with many other books awaiting their turn to be read. I am enjoying it so far and am over half way done. I hope that by finishing a book a week I will be able to thin that pile out to almost nothing.

I am still tired from this weekend so I have nothing more to write. I guess this is the end of my second blog post. I will be writing a quick review after each book I read and maybe I will do a few posts on what I have made in Minecraft. I will have to think about these things for next time.


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