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WordPress Anniversary

So apparently yesterday was my two year anniversary for when I first made an account on this site. I know I made this blog shortly after and made it private so that I could get some work done on it before actually writing my first post. When I finally wrote my first post I know it wasn’t good or interesting. It was just something I wanted to get out there and I think that that’s the main spirit of this blog. I watch something, or write a poem, or see something out in the world and I want to tell people about these things, but that is kind of hard when you are not a person who easily makes friends.

But then last year in May I decided that I would officially start writing posts at least weekly so that my blog could grow and I think that plan has worked for the most part despite some minor failings on my part. At the moment I have about 125 followers on here, 132 followers on Twitter, and 26 followers on Tumblr. By the way out of all of these I have stopped browsing Tumblr about a year ago so if you are trying to interact with me through Tumblr I’m sorry but I most likely won’t answer you.

I just hope that there can be at least as much growth this upcoming year as there was last year.

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Noragami (2014) anime review

77809Yato is a stray deity who calls himself a ‘delivery god’ and who has recently found himself without a regalia, the weapons of the gods. Hiyori Iki is a normal highschool girl who is a big fan of martial arts and who finds herself slipping out of her body randomly after she gets hit by a bus when ‘saving’ Yato. Yukine is a stray spirit who becomes Yato’s regalia and who is finding it difficult to adjust to his new life as the servant of a homeless god. The entire first season is about the relationships between these three character and how they change over time.

Screenshot (104)At first glance this anime looks like your typical shounen anime with quirky characters and battle scenes. The characters look flat and a lot of the drama appears to be stupid. However the thing that makes this anime so great is not the drama, the characters, or the humour but rather the relationships between the characters. In fact one of the biggest themes of the series is related to friendly relationships. These relationships change a lot throughout the course of the first season and are the cause of many of the major plot points and twists. There is a second season in Noragami Aragoto where the relationships between side characters and between them and the main three characters are explored.

Screenshot (106).pngThat being said. The humour in this series is actually funny mainly because no one but Hiyori can see Yato. He is able to get away with a lot of things that no one else can get away with and he is often seen in strange places. The humour makes the emotional scenes that much better because the series can go from hilarious to sad within a matter of seconds.

Screenshot (113).pngI recommend that you watch this series if you enjoy shounen anime. It is a good series that is not haunted by a need to create filler arcs to have a year round release schedule. There are currently two seasons. Only the first one is on CrunchyRoll so if you want to watch it watch it there.

Final Rating – 45/50

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Amateur Writing Tip: Write Notes After Each Segment of Writing

When writing a longer story there is a good chance that you may notice problems with the plot, setting, and characters. If you find problems as you write it is best to wait until the next draft to fix them completely. You can adjust further segments to make it work, but you should not rewrite the current segment until later. I am defining a segment of a story as a scene. You can also use acts or chapters.

In order to remember the problems you found while writing later when you revise the draft and write the next draft all you have to do is take notes between segments. These notes can be as detailed or rough as you want, but they should tell you what you need to fix. When I write these notes I use stream of consciousness to describe what needs to be changed and/or fixed and how I can go about doing that.

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Gabriel DropOut (2017) anime review

82590.jpgGabriel White Tenma goes down to Earth from Heaven to study among humans in order to complete her training and become a full fledged angel. In Heaven she was always the top of her class and she believes it is her mission to be a great angel and bring happiness to mankind. However after her first day of being on Earth she discovers online gaming and becomes a fallen, or as she puts it ‘faillen angel’. Along with Raphiel Ainsworth Shiraha, fellow angel and her former classmate; and the two demons Vignette April Tsukinose and Satanichia McDowell Kurumizawa, she attends human high school where neither the angels nor the demons act as they should.

Screenshot (93).pngIt is never explained how Gabriel gets introduced to video games. She hears a voice coming from her laptop and sees that it is someone crying out for help in the game but in order for that to be possible she would need to have the game open, and the game would need to support text-to-speech. Neither of the demons left it there because they are both incompetent at being demons, and no one else would have even known her identity except for her fellow angels. This is something I hope will be explained in a future season if this series ever gets one of those.

Screenshot (102).pngEach of the characters is based on an anime cliche. Gabriel is an otaku, Satanichia is an individual with eighth-grade syndrome, and so on.  Not only this but many of the events of this series are also based around cliches. There is little to no plot other than Gabriel discovering video games and falling, as well as a few other things. Most of the episodes are made up of the characters doing cute things or setting each other up for jokes which are often repeated. The thing is this is a comedy anime. There doesn’t need to be a whole lot of plot, and if the jokes are funny I’m okay if they’re repeated as long as they are not overdone.

As a comedy anime this series is well done. Rarely does it become unbelievable and the way each of the four main characters has a quirk which plays off the quirks of other characters. I did laugh at a few of the jokes. However some jokes took a little to much time/dialogue in the set up for some of the jokes which made me bored until the actual joke came.

Screenshot (100).pngThis is an interesting series with a lot of flaws. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a decent comedy series, but not to anyone who absolutely hates anything having to do with cliches. This is the type of series you watch to entertain yourself when you’re bored, but you don’t expect to actually get much out of watching it.

Final Rating – 43/50

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Worldbuilding Tip: Industry

Any economy needs industries to survive. An industry is the production of goods and services within an economy. There are many types of industry. There are those that deal with collecting and producing raw resources such as lumber or metals, there are those that manufacture those raw materials into new products, there are those that provide services such as selling products and providing transportation, and there are those that don’t fit cleanly into any of those other groups such as tourism.

Which industries do the economies in your world rely on? The geography and traditions of the countries in your world will influence which industries they depend upon. A coastal country with a lot of rivers will rely more on fishing than anything else. A mountainous country may not be able to rely on other industries such as lumber or farming, and will instead rely on mining and quarrying stone. The main industry also influences the traditions and culture of people within the country.

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Pixel Art

This week I am trying to follow my schedule as best I can. Not only this but I’m also trying to write almost all my posts for July and August by the end of June which I am no where close to doing. To do this I’ll need to write several posts a day and while it is possible for me to do I can make no promises. Even if I can’t get all the posts completed I can at least try to at least have a few posts each day.

Anyways something else that I’ve been trying to do is make pixel arts of each of my characters so I can try something new with plotting. This shouldn’t be that hard, but it will take a while as I don’t have many characters fully designed. This will also help me in designing my characters because I’ll know what does and does not work with their designs and it is possible I may come up with new ideas.

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The Collector

An eagle sits atop a wall staring out away from the building it guards. Behind the stone bird was an old house where a collector once lived. He travelled far and wide to gather the most intriguing artifacts and bring them all back to join his ever filling house. Despite everything he still somehow managed to keep everything organized according to which continent he found them, something which he took a lot of pride in.

His prized possession was that eagle which once sat atop a different wall in Rome. He kept it outside so that everyone could see it, and he kept it facing outwards so it would be able to see any would be thieves.

However he later found that he should have had the bird facing inwards so that it could watch him.

He died not that long ago. Archaeologists and museum curators took his collection and gave everything new homes where they would be safe and where people could see and learn about their history. The people who took his collection all called him a thief, but to this man he wasn’t stealing anything. Instead he built a hobby out of collecting new friends.

This story is for Sunday Photo Fiction where writers must write a story based on a prompt which is around 200 words long. More information can be found here. Other stories for this challenge can be found here.

Photo comes from A Mixed Bag.