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A quick update – August 16, 2017

Guess what! This is my final week of archaeological field school and I’m returning home to my normal writing tool (my laptop) and a normal WiFi connection. I’m typing this up on a laptop I borrowed from my university’s library and for the past five weeks I’ve been connecting to the internet in short bursts to check on my blog. Most days I noticed a steady rising in both views and visitors. When I return home I hope to improve several aspects of my blog such as the Contact Me and About Me pages, and my SEO. The SEO especially because it seems I have one post that gets a near constant stream of views and has been for the past several months while my other posts get a few views after they are posted and then are never looked at again.

I have done a lot. I’ve crossed off three things off of my bucket list (play D&D, go on an archaeological dig, and get a cactus), I’ve mostly plotted out a new series that I hope to start posting as soon as possible, and I’ve made a few decisions about The Rememberer. No I’m not ending it prematurely, I hate it when authors leave an already partially published project unfinished, but it is going to end soon. Hopefully by the end of September. I will start posting The Shadow Stone two weeks after The Rememberer ends. I will also be making lore pages for both projects because that is part of what gets me excited about sharing these projects with you. Also I’ll be revising the chapters of The Rememberer already posted to make it so that its actually something I’m proud of.

Now I need to quickly write my post for tomorrow. See you next Tuesday with some improvements to this blog.

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Amateur Writing Tip: Different Mediums

You can’t tell every story using the same medium. A story suited for a comic may not be suited to become a movie without some changes. Cartoons tend to be awful when they are translated to live action. A good example of this is Pixar. Animated movies such Toy Story, Up, or Finding Nemo would lose most of what they are if they were translated to live action or even into novels. Because of this it is a good idea to think of the strengths and weaknesses of each medium.

Written stories such as novels can show you what a character is thinking, something that is most often lost when such a story is adapted into other mediums such as animation, live action, or comics. On the other hand these more visual mediums allow the writer to better describe what something or someone looks like to them. This is mainly because there is no description in such mediums unless there is an info dump using dialogue. Think of what you can do with your favoured medium so that you can better tell the story you want to tell.

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Cowboy Bebop (1998-1999) anime review

19644The year is 2071 and humanity has colonized many of the planets and moons in the solar system leaving the now uninhabited surface of Earth behind. Outlaw bounty hunters also known as ‘Cowboy’s’ help keep the peace in the galaxy. Spike Spiegel and Jet Black are two such bounty hunters who travel the solar system looking for bounties that can earn them some money on their spaceship, the Bebop. They meet several other characters during their travels, some which they add to their crew.

Screenshot (177)This is a classic anime and by watching it the reason it has stayed so popular for so long is that this is truly a great anime. I won’t go into much detail, but this series is made up of several episodes with self contained plots where Spike and Jet go after bounties. There is some stuff about Spike’s past, as well as the pasts of the rest of the crew, but those plot points are often sidelined by seemingly less important plot points. The only thing I didn’t really like about this series was how it ended so abruptly. If only it had lasted a few more episodes.

Screenshot (179)I recommend Cowboy Bebop to anyone who likes anime. This is a classic and helped increase the popularity of anime for adults. If you want to watch it you can find it on CrunchyRoll.

Final Rating – 49.9/50

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Worldbuilding Tip: Sports and Common Pastimes

Sports and other pastimes can be a lot more than just pastimes. There are professional sports, professional video gamers, professional readers, and professional eaters. Because of this both sports and pastimes can hold a lot of significance in your world. For sports you may use real life sports, or you can invent your own. This is the same for board games, and some other pastimes. The best thing about creating your own board game for use in your world is that if after you get published your world becomes popular you can produce and sell the board game.

Sports have historically held more significance than they do today despite the fact that so many people are such big fans. The Aztecs had a ball game which they would play which had both religious and political significance. The losers of each game of the ball game would be sacrificed to the gods. Sports such as fencing can also be seen as a form of self defence in a culture where everyone who’s anyone carries a sword around with them. Keep this in mind when figuring out what role sports and other pastimes have in your world.

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Second Chance Summer book review

Five years ago Taylor Edwards  made a mistake that cost her the friends she had made at her family’s summer home in Phoenix Lake. Now she is forced to return after her father receives terrible news in order for her siblings and mother to spend one more summer with him. Soon Tayler discovers that this is a summer filled with both second chances and new experiences.

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson is a fantastic novel filled with interesting and dynamic characters, and several heartbreaking scenes. Just a quick warning, this novel is a romance that involves cancer. Because of this it is clearly going to be a sad book for at least the end. The tears start very close to the start of the novel so if you tend to get emotional reading books either don’t read this one or don’t read it in public. It is very possible that this will be a very difficult novel for you to read because of its subject matter.

One thing I noticed when reading Second Chance Summer was the tendency for Taylor to go on tangents. Granted these tangents do relate to what’s going on and they also show the reader what going on in a not so subtle way, but I found that I would get lost halfway through one of these tangents and forget the main, present event in the scene.

All in all this is a vry good novel to read if you have a few hours and it doesn’t matter of your eyes are stained with tears afterwards. Second Chance Summer is a well written novel. I recommend it to anyone who likes this type of book.

Final Rating – 40/50 

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Shadow Stone update – August 13, 2017

I’ve been thinking about the order of events in this series for a little over a week now. Soon there will be enough content for it to be novel length. Today I’ll write about two things related to the series.

The first of these is the title. The Shadow Stone is only a shortened form of the title. The entire title is “The Final Chronicles of the Shadow Stone”. This is because the story I’m writing is only a small portion of the story of the shadow stone, as well as the ending to its story. Unfortunately this means that you will know roughly how the story ends as soon as you read the main objective of the central characters. Fortunately this is one of those stories where the journey is more important than the destination.

The second thing I want to write about is the setting of the series. The Sekkan kingdoms are a group of small countries to the east of the mountains that separate the kingdoms from the Ingrewian Empire. They are called the Sekkan kingdoms by Ingrewian because of the misunderstanding that everyone from the kingdoms is a follower of Sek, the being of evil from the Ansin religion. This is not the case. There are many religions in the kingdoms.

Many people in the Sekkan kingdoms believe in the fractured empire. They believe that once the kingdoms and the Ingrewian Empire were parts of a much larger empire that collapsed upon itself. Ingrewian don’t share this belief and believe that such an empire is destined to be created in the future after the Ingrewian empire has conquered the Sekkan kingdoms.

Because of this you can see how individuals from either side of the mountains see individuals from the other side.

See you next Sunday when I’ll give you all another preview of the Shadow Stone. Maybe I’ll be ready to write about one of the main characters.