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Amateur Writing Tip: Stream of Consciousness

Stream of consciousness is a method of writing where you write down everything and anything that pops into your mind as you think. This method can be used to write entire novels. For example the method used to write Ulysses by James Joyce is stream of consciousness. I wouldn’t recommend writing your novel in stream of consciousness because it can often get difficult and confusing to read, and your readers will not be happy with you.

There are some instances where stream of consciousness is helpful. I use this method of writing to write ideas down so that I have all the information I need to transform the idea into a full-fledged story. I am not expecting anyone else to read what I have written in my notebooks so I refrain from separating my writing into paragraphs in my notebooks. This mostly helps me to develop ideas in my head without altering them too much. And if I need inspiration I can just flip through my notebooks to find an unused idea.

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Just a quick question

So I want to have a post for everyday of both July and August. I won’t be able to write the posts as I go for much of the summer so I’m trying to write them all ahead of time. The problem is that I’ve neglected to read enough books to have a book review every Monday. This is fine because I have a poem, but I still want a book review for every Monday on top of that. I don’t think I’ll be able to read enough poems in time. Usually I wouldn’t allow this, but I can fix this problem by allowing my twin sister to write book reviews for the weeks where I have none. Would anyone be opposed to me doing this? I mean this isn’t the type of blog where that type of thing happens, but it may be useful to have a second person to also write posts. Please write your answers in the comments.

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The Royal Tutor (2017) anime review

85517Heine Wittgenstein has been called by the King of Grannzreich to become the royal tutor for his four youngest sons. This is a position that many people had quit in recent years. Heine accepts and heads to the palace. Each of the princes has a distinctive personality. Licht is the flirtatious youngest prince, Leonhard is immature, Bruno is studious, and Kai is intimidating. Heine attempts to connect with each of the princes to groom them for the throne, however his dark past could possibly threaten the harmony within the kingdom.

Screenshot (137).pngThis is a lighthearted series which follows Heines attempts to teach the princes. Though each of the characters are actually pretty cliched and flat, these characters can at times be lovable and help generate humour within the series. Heine himself is a fantastic teacher and his only weaknesses are his childlike appearance and the fact that he can’t draw at all. It is possible that this may look like a different type of show to you from looking at the poster and the screenshots but I assure you there are no sexual undertones in The Royal Tutor.

Screenshot (115).pngThe main theme explored in this series is the fact that you should not make assumptions based on someone’s appearance. Each of the episode contained character arcs go back to this. This theme is made blatantly clear after Heine has finished connecting with all the princes on his first day and again at the end.

Screenshot (138)This is a fantastic anime that you should watch if you want to watch something entertaining. A possible second season was teased at the end of the first and I hope they actually end up making it. This was an entertaining series from start to finish and if you want to watch it you can find it on CrunchyRoll.

Final Rating – 42/50

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Worldbuilding Tip: Language

Language is important in any series. Everyone in the world is able to speak at least one language. You may want to create a new language or two or three for your world. If you choose to make a constructed language it would be easiest to base it on an already existing language. This will give you a base for grammar and spelling when making your language. You can also try to make your language sound like no existing human languages, however this is very difficult as you will most likely get a language similar to at least a few human languages.

You may also choose to use existing languages in your world. This will make it so you don’t have to put as much effort into making a believable language. You may want to use existing languages in a world which parallels Earth. By using an existing language you make your world less alien while also not needing to create grammar and spelling rules from scratch.

A third thing you could do is make a few words of a language and not go any further. This gives culture to the people in your story and is way easier than making the entire language. Words you would most likely create are title related words such as miss, doctor, and mister, as well as pet names such as honey, darling, and stuff like that. You may also create greetings. The benefits of doing this is that you have significantly less background information that is just going to go to waste. Afterall most if not all stories are written in a human language so most of the time you won’t even see or hear the language being spoken.

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Common Symbols: Anchor

Anchors are very common modern symbols. They only tend to symbolize one thing, that being strength given by someone or something else. An anchor digs into the ocean floor and prevents the boat from moving to far off course. It protects the people on the boat from getting lost and keeps them safe. When there is a storm anchors are meant to keep the boat from being blown completely off course. I once heard someone talk about how anchors shouldn’t be such a positive symbol because anchors sink and obviously boats would be the better symbol, however it is not because of how anchors sink but rather because they keep the boat from floating away that makes this such a positive symbol.

Putting down an anchor can symbolize the safe end of a long journey especially when that journey was made over an ocean or has some other connection to water. When an anchor is raised out of the water it can symbolize the start of a new adventure, safety, or hope.

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WordPress Anniversary

So apparently yesterday was my two year anniversary for when I first made an account on this site. I know I made this blog shortly after and made it private so that I could get some work done on it before actually writing my first post. When I finally wrote my first post I know it wasn’t good or interesting. It was just something I wanted to get out there and I think that that’s the main spirit of this blog. I watch something, or write a poem, or see something out in the world and I want to tell people about these things, but that is kind of hard when you are not a person who easily makes friends.

But then last year in May I decided that I would officially start writing posts at least weekly so that my blog could grow and I think that plan has worked for the most part despite some minor failings on my part. At the moment I have about 125 followers on here, 132 followers on Twitter, and 26 followers on Tumblr. By the way out of all of these I have stopped browsing Tumblr about a year ago so if you are trying to interact with me through Tumblr I’m sorry but I most likely won’t answer you.

I just hope that there can be at least as much growth this upcoming year as there was last year.

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Noragami (2014) anime review

77809Yato is a stray deity who calls himself a ‘delivery god’ and who has recently found himself without a regalia, the weapons of the gods. Hiyori Iki is a normal highschool girl who is a big fan of martial arts and who finds herself slipping out of her body randomly after she gets hit by a bus when ‘saving’ Yato. Yukine is a stray spirit who becomes Yato’s regalia and who is finding it difficult to adjust to his new life as the servant of a homeless god. The entire first season is about the relationships between these three character and how they change over time.

Screenshot (104)At first glance this anime looks like your typical shounen anime with quirky characters and battle scenes. The characters look flat and a lot of the drama appears to be stupid. However the thing that makes this anime so great is not the drama, the characters, or the humour but rather the relationships between the characters. In fact one of the biggest themes of the series is related to friendly relationships. These relationships change a lot throughout the course of the first season and are the cause of many of the major plot points and twists. There is a second season in Noragami Aragoto where the relationships between side characters and between them and the main three characters are explored.

Screenshot (106).pngThat being said. The humour in this series is actually funny mainly because no one but Hiyori can see Yato. He is able to get away with a lot of things that no one else can get away with and he is often seen in strange places. The humour makes the emotional scenes that much better because the series can go from hilarious to sad within a matter of seconds.

Screenshot (113).pngI recommend that you watch this series if you enjoy shounen anime. It is a good series that is not haunted by a need to create filler arcs to have a year round release schedule. There are currently two seasons. Only the first one is on CrunchyRoll so if you want to watch it watch it there.

Final Rating – 45/50